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About MDSA

The Management Doctoral Student Association (MDSA) is one of five student associations that are housed within The PhD Project, which was founded in 1994. MDSA began on August 11, 1997 in Boston, MA. The mission of The PhD Project is to increase the diversity of faculty in business schools (specifically, Black/African-Americans, Hispanic/LatinX, and Native Americans), and it begins with the recruitment and success of our diverse PhD students.


If you are interested in obtaining a PhD in a Management related field, or have already begun one, we invite you to learn more about us and join our family.


Go to "Get Involved" and click "Become a Member".


“My MDSA crew is a constant source of support, encouragement, collaboration, and laughter. I truly can't imagine going through this process without them. The people I've met through MDSA aren't just colleagues, they're some of my dearest friends.” 


—  Rebecca Ponce De Leon, Duke University

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